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New Blog

Since I don't have any other writing outlet, I decided to open this blog and start all over again. Previously, I'd post small things related to my 3DO experiments on twitter, but a decision to quit twitter (and facebook, something that I didn't regret), my posts on things related to 3DO coding or previews have disappeared (and twitter wasn't a good medium about it anyway). Meanwhile, I had deleted some other very personal blogs I had and decided to get out from most of social media, except youtube of course. A blog gives me more of an opportunity to type more than what twitter typically allows, present code snippets, interesting tidbits about 3DO, previews and news of what I am working with, without being restricted and without being lost in the addictive but depressive nature of other media. I'll be writing things just for interested people to read. I might be posting links to some interesting articles on our discord. I might even try to post animated gifs or links