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How many micro sprites could the 3DO handle?

Long time ago, I had watched the Atari Jaguar demo Facts ( ). It was boasting the power of the Jaguar using the object processor to push as many sprites as possible. I was quite impressed back then and wondered whether it will be possible to do the same thing in 3DO. I started a project loading an image similar in size and bit depth as the one in Jaguar, but this time it was a different animal. Assuming the mascot of the 3DO is a gecko lizard. The total image size is 192*160, it's in 16bpp and broken into pieces of 4*4 pixels, totalling 1920 sprites. For now I tried to implement the second part of the Jaguar demo btw, I could try the spirals part in the future. The result of my attempts is here, now reaching 80fps when vsync is off! But it wasn't the case initially. The earliest performance was 40fps. The animation code running on CPU would go over it alone at 109fps (when disabling the rendering of the CELs but still repositioning th